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Home page » Areas of activity » Environmental protection
Environmental protection
The activities of PSE in the field of environmental protection are aimed at improving the sustainability of environmental use through the replacement of depreciated equipment and transformers. Each investment project concerning a power facility involved efforts ensuring compliance with all emission standards and regulatory requirements.

PSE takes measures adjusting power substations and lines to the requirements of environmental protection, drawing on state-of-the-art technologies and applying EU regulations, e.g. we:

  • reduce the impact of electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of transmission lines though O&M measures (sag adjustment) or upgrades (increasing tower height and deploying multiple-circuit multivoltage lines),

  • eliminate and reduce noise impact by installing acoustic screens at substations,

  • install line equipment with a low corona discharge level, three-conductor bundles (in new 400 kV lines), which results in reduced corona effect and transmission losses,

  • build new and upgrade existing transformer oil bowls,

  • overhaul oil separators in transformer bay water drainage systems for the removal of oil from precipitation and melt water,

  • carry on appropriate waste management,

  • paint towers in camouflage colours and appropriately integrate the lines into the existing landscape in order to reduce their visual impact,

  • suspend deterrent devices on conductors: mockups of avian predators on line towers and ground wires (on line segments intersecting migrant bird routes, silhouettes of birds of prey are attached to the line, which protects passing birds from collisions with the phase and ground wires),

  • erect high towers with conductors running above woodland (which significantly reduce tree-felling along rights-of-way in forests),

  • deploy innovative tower construction solutions (instead of lattice pylons, tubular profiled towers are erected, which are more acceptable to the public and provide better siting capabilities, e.g. along motorways.