PSE S.A. takes measures to counteract corruption and abuse

Since 2012 PSE S.A. has been maintaining a Corruption and abuse prevention system (ABMS)

By the decision of The Board of PSE S.A. dated 20 June 2012 company has established and implemented a Corruption and abuse preventions system (ABMS), covering by its’ scope Company’s whole organizational structure and all employees.

Objectives of The System:

Corruption and abuse prevention system (ABMS) diagnoses precisely these points where the most serious risk may occur (the most sensible points). It is a combination of fixed solutions and control mechanisms, which reduces the recognized risks. All Company employees are obliged to follow Corruption and abuse risks prevention procedure while fulfilling their duties. 

In 2013 Corruption and abuse prevention system implemented by PSE S.A. underwent an external verification by an international certification body against its’ conformity with BS 10500:2011 standard.  On May 16th 2013 PSE S.A. was rewarded a Certificate of Conformity.

As a consequence of above mentioned actions and decisions– especially due to tendering processes held – PSE S.A. expects their bidders and business partners to actively cooperate in corruption and abuse prevention activities. For this purpose PSE S.A. introduces new forms of consultations with their contractors and business partners and sets the norms of acceptable and unacceptable activities in cooperation. Chosen contractors will be trained against PSE S.A. expectations in the area of business integrity and corruption prevention, especially for operations managed locally.    

A System Coordinator was appointed by the Board and is responsible for effectiveness of Corruption and abuse prevention system (ABMS). Among other activities,  System Coordinator’s task is to collect information about any issues that may guide to corruption or abuse risk situations. Any relevant information can be addressed to System Coordinator directly on +48 22 242 30 14.

Persons raising alerts (providing information) regarding corruption or abuse risk will be protected from any forms of repercussions or revenge.  Any person raising alert can receive relevant consultation support from System Coordinator.

Those who would prefer to remain anonymous may choose to contact System Coordinator using non-traceable (non-identifiable) pre-paid cards.

Any information collected by System Coordinator will be investigated by PSE S.A. and investigation results will always be presented to the Board of PSE S.A. Informers who wish to receive feedback will be provided with relevant information.