General Information

General Information
As an outcome of liberalisation of the European electricity market, there has been a significant increase in the number of cross-border transactions concluded and in the number of entities participating in electricity exchanges. In order to improve the quality of processing of such transactions, Transmission System Operators took the necessary measures aimed at enhancing data exchange efficiency. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) has established Task Force EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, whose aim is to develop a uniform European electronic data exchange format (ESS – ENTSO-E Scheduling System) used for information on cross-border exchanges between various entities operating on the international power market. A part of this system is the Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC) used for the unique identification of the European energy market players.

Application for the EIC Code

EIC codes are required as an identification coding scheme for market participants active in cross-border market. The identification is required in schedules submitted to the Transmission System Operator. The codes are issued by ENTSO-E Central Issuing Office and Local Issuing Offices. In Poland we have two Polish EIC Issuing Offices: one operated by the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (identification number 19) and the other operated by Operator Gazociągów Przesyłowych GAZ‑SYSTEM S.A. (identification number 53). All electricity market participants who wish to participate in cross-border exchanges must apply for the EIC code and register with the Local EIC Issuing Office operated by PSE S.A.

EIC code type X application request – Polish version only
EIC code type W application request – Polish version only

Market participants who meet the criteria of participation in cross-border exchanges (see: participation requirements) are provided with the EIC codes valid throughout Europe and may submit cross-border exchange schedules to the Transmission System Operator, in line with regulations laid down in Instructions and Rules

EIC Code Structure

EIC code consists of 16 characters. The first 2 characters refer to the code issuing office (identification number). The third character describes the type of a code e.g. a party (X), a control area (Y), etc. The following 12 characters refer to the market participant, e.g. by its name. The final symbol is a check character.

The complete, approved list of EIC codes issued to participants of the European electricity market. is available on the website of Central EIC Issuing Office. The list of EIC codes issued by the Polish Issuing Office operated by PSE S.A. is available on the website of  PSE S.A.

Responsibilities of the Polish EIC Issuing Office operated by PSE S.A.

  • Providing information on EIC project to participants of the cross-border exchange,
  • Recording new participants of the cross-border exchange in the local database,
  • Verification and transfer of the issued codes to ETSO-E Central Issuing Office,
  • Publication of EIC codes issued by the Polish EIC Issuing Office operated by PSE S.A.

EIC Code generation and authentication software

The purpose of the application below is a generation of EIC code check character. The check character is generated on the basis of the initial 15 characters by means of a special check algorithm. Furthermore, it enables validation of the entire 16-character code according to the check character algorithm. This tool may facilitate participants of cross-border exchanges to select EIC codes in line with their preferences.

ETSO Code EIC.exe