Announcement of VE-T and <nobr>PSE-Operator S.A.</nobr>

9 August 2007, 00:00

Announcement of VE-T and PSE-Operator S.A.
Vattenfall Europe Transmission and PSE-Operator S.A., neighbouring Transmission System Operators, decided to strengthen cooperation.

Management Boards during the meeting on 12th February 2007 decided jointly about establishment of the common Steering Group with an aim to focus on three major pillars: communication, operation and coordination of network investment planning.

As the result of above arrangements, on 26th June 2007, a working meeting took place in Warsaw. The main topic was related to development plans concerning possible upgrading of existing interconnections of both transmission systems. Parties agreed that exchange of network models and other necessary information for further studies, as well as the approval of scope of common analysis shall be completed by the end of August 2007.