Information on transfer capacities on Litpol Link

4 June 2016, 07:38

Information on transfer capacities on Litpol Link
PSE together with Lithuanian TSO, Litgrid AB has offered transfer capacities between Poland and Lithuania for electricity trade since December 2015. On its side PSE offers maximum technically available transfer capacities on Litpol Link to all market participants in a non discriminatory way. Available transfer capacities on Litpol Link are each time published for all market participants information via power exchanges TGE and Nordpool Spot.

As in the case of any international interconnector, offered transfer capacities have to take into account technical constraints of interconnected power systems operation. According to European law market participants are offered maximum transfer capacities subject to security standards of power system operation.

As far as technical constraints related to operation of Polish power system, which PSE has to take into account in the night hours, are concerned, they are non discriminatory, relevant to technical requirements of system operation and temporary.

It is a PSE’s will to remove the above mentioned constraints as soon as possible. In order to do so PSE counts on cooperation with involved TSOs and national regulatory authorities aiming at improving the market processes related to offering transfer capacities, in particular by taking into account all relevant technical constraints within these processes.