PSE Operator S.A. and Vattenfall Europe Transmission to set up a third link connecting their networks

23 September 2009, 15:07

PSE Operator S.A. and Vattenfall Europe Transmission to set up a third link connecting their networks
By signing a Letter of Intent in Brussels on 23 September 2009, PSE Operator S.A. and Vattenfall Europe Transmission (VE Transmission) scheduled all necessary steps directed to setting up a joint Project Development Company (PDC) to construct a third interconnector between the Polish and German electricity systems. Initiated by the Polish and German governments, this third link between Poland and Germany has met with widespread support from the EU Commission, EU coordinators and national Regulators.

The joint PDC will be responsible for the technical implementation, the investment planning and for the official permit procedure. It will steer the cross-border overhead line project during the planning and authorisation phases. The company in which VE Transmission and PSE Operator S.A. will each hold a 50% interest will be incorporated in the legal form of a Polish Ltd. and have its registered office in Poznan. It will take up its work in January 2010.

“Signing the Letter of Intent is yet another step in implementing the goals set in the Decision 1364/2006/EC in respect to Germany and Poland as well the result of European Commission Coordinators activities. From this moment the process of building new interconnector, which will significantly improve the Poznan area security of supply, shall be boosted. We also hope that ‘soon to be established’ PDC, with support from both TSOs, will smoothly conduct the preparatory phase as well as effectively work on acquisition of the EU funds.”, says Jerzy Andruszkiewicz, Vice President of the Management Board of PSE Operator S.A.

According to Wolfgang Neldner, Managing Director at VE Transmission, construction of a third overhead line between Germany and Poland will boost security of supply and offer additional trading opportunities in the Internal European Electricity Market. “The third interconnector that is mentioned as a priority project in the new German Act on grid development will help advance the single European electricity market and make an outstanding contribution to system security in both countries“, emphasised Wolfgang Neldner.