Recent Developments concerning Capacity Allocation in Central East Europe

6 October 2009, 00:00

Recent Developments concerning Capacity Allocation in Central East Europe
Set of core documents for CEE capacity allocation published by CAO / Workshops organized to best prepare stakeholders to the implementation of the method / Interim solution under preparation to cope with the request of market participants to postpone the start of flow-based allocation in the CEE region

The Central Allocation Office (CAO) which implements the new capacity allocation method for Central-Eastern Europe and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of Central East Europe (CEE) has published a set of core documents for market participants interested in the CEE transmission capacity allocation. These documents are: Scheduling User Manual, Technical description of the CAO IT interfaces and Technical Parameters Calculation Concept. All documents are available on CAO website in the section “Project/Documents”.

On 1st October 2009 the regulators of the CEE region also started a consultation process on the Auction Rules developed by CAO and the TSOs.

In cooperation with the CEE TSOs, CAO invites all stakeholders interested in the CEE capacity allocation procedure to workshops to clarify the scheduling process details, the CAO IT interfaces, the technical parameters and the calculation and auction algorithm.

With the support of the TSOs of Central East Europe, CAO examines an interim solution for the capacity allocation procedure following the request of market participants to postpone for a few months the start of the announced flow-based allocation. An updated road map will be available at CAOs website within the next weeks.
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Central Allocation Office GmbH - the common regional capacity allocation office – was established by the eight CEE transmission system operators (TSOs) Verbund – Austrian Power Grid AG, ČEPS a.s., Electro-Slovenija d.o.o., transpower stromübertragungs gmbh, MAVIR Hungarian TSO Company Ltd., PSE-Operator S.A., Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava a.s. and Vattenfall Europe