Statement of PSE Operator S.A. on the publication "Polen gefährdet deutsche Energiewende" by Spiegel Online (04.12.2011)

9 December 2011, 00:00

Statement of PSE Operator S.A. on the publication "Polen gefährdet deutsche Energiewende" by Spiegel Online (04.12.2011)
In relation to the information published in Spiegel Online dated 4th December 2011  on the plans by Polish Transmission System Operator that might  put in danger the renewable energy in Germany, PSE Operator declares that the installation of phase shifters on the German-Polish border is not directed at all against the development of renewable generation in Germany. Just opposite, it will strengthen the secure flow of energy from the renewables.

Huge amounts of electricity produced in Northern Germany by the wind generators cannot be consumed by local customers and therefore the electricity is exported to the South of Europe. These energy flows according to the laws of physics take place with the usage of the Polish grid and the grid of neighbouring countries synchronously interconnected in Continental Europe. In this situation it is more and more difficult to ensure fulfillment of fundamental security criteria for the operation of interconnected  power system.

Phase shifters are the devices which are widely used in the synchronous power system in Continental Europe and are installed and operate on some borders. They are placed in regions where grid development needs to be supported by power flow controlling devices in order to use the existing lines to their maximum capacity and avoid  a danger of  overloading of   lines.
Installation of the phase shifters on Polish-German border will contribute to the security of the system operation and will limit the risk of the cascade outages of the transmission lines which may endanger the  operational security in the wider area both in Poland and in Germany  . It is worth to keep in mind that the only available alternative for  this solution in the years to come is the limitation of production of electricity by the wind generators in Northern Germany.

We  fully share the opinion cited in the information that it is un urgent need to speed up the development of transmission lines that connect Eastern and Southern Germany.