TSCNET Services establishes dual leadership

12 January 2015, 13:24

TSCNET Services establishes dual leadership
The shareholders of the new services company for European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), TSCNET Services GmbH have appointed Siem Bruijns and Alexander Wirth as Managing Directors.

Siem Bruijns has been Senior Manager at TenneT TSO B.V. and TenneT TSO GmbH, the Dutch-German TSO and one of the 13 member TSOs of the TSO Security Cooperation (TSC), since 2007. He brings with him many years’ experience in power transmission system operations. Bruijns will start at TSCNET in Munich, Germany, in January 2015.

Alexander Wirth has already been engaged in the reorganisation of TSC and responsible for setting up the TSC TSOs – Joint Office in Munich in the recent years. Wirth has been Managing Director since the start-up of TSCNET.

TSCNET Services GmbH was registered on the 10th November 2014, one year after opening the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. Since 2013, experts dispatched from TSC member TSOs work in Munich day and night (24/7), providing tailor-made coordination services for operational planning, forecast data merging, congestion assessment and capacity calculation for the control centres of TSOs in continental Europe using the common IT platform CTDS.

“We are pleased to have acquired two dedicated and renowned experts for the management of our service provider,” said Pierre-Alain Graf, CEO of Swissgrid and Chairman of TSCNET Services Shareholders’ Meeting. “With our Munich team of experts under their leadership, we are ideally prepared for the operational challenges European TSOs encounter."