PSE became the Energy Market Information Operator

27 July 2021, 10:53

PSE became the Energy Market Information Operator
On July 3, 2021 an amendment to the Energy Law Act came into force introducing the Energy Market Information Operator (OIRE). This function will be performed by PSE, Polish transmission system operator, which will implement and then manage the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE).

CSIRE will collect and process energy market data necessary for the administration of electricity market processes, such as switching energy suppliers or making settlements for electricity sale and supply. Thanks to the unification of information standards and their automation, the processes on the retail electricity market in Poland will be streamlined and accelerated. Consumers will have free access to information concerning in particular their electricity data from the energy metering point. CSIRE will ensure the highest level of information exchange security.

Piotr Naimski, the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, said, “PSE has the necessary competences and resources to act as the Energy Market Information Operator. PSE’s independence is of key importance, and thus a guarantee for balancing the interests of various entities and functions on our energy market.”

Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment, said, “Digitisation is the cornerstone of the modern energy sector. CSIRE will allow to manage data for the benefit of all electricity market players, especially consumers. The amendment to the Energy Law is a milestone in achieving this goal.”

Mr. Kurtyka added, “Many changes in the organizational, IT and business areas have to be implemented by distribution system operators and energy traders for this system to function efficiently. This joint effort of market participants is necessary to carry out market processes through the information system in accordance with the schedule adopted in the Act.”

Pursuant to the Act, within 30 months of its entry into force, energy market players must provide OIRE with information on metering points necessary for the initial configuration of CSIRE, and within
33 months conclude agreements with PSE on the use of CSIRE.

PSE is currently conducting a tender for a system contractor. The necessary changes to the Instruction of Transmission System Operation and Maintenance will be developed within 18 months. They will include the CSIRE Information Exchange Standards. This is the documentation that describes the energy market processes, including the scope of information exchanged via CSIRE. The system will become operational 36 months after the Act enters into force, i.e. in July 2024.

Eryk Kłossowski, President and CEO of PSE, said, “For the transmission system operator, the development of the retail market is as important as the wholesale market, because it is the retail market that will undergo key changes for the functioning of the Polish power system in the short and long term. Preparatory work for the implementation of the OIRE function began almost two years ago, focusing primarily on information security, functionality, and reliability. Although the deadline for launching the system is ambitious, I am convinced that with such active cooperation with distribution system operators and energy traders as we have had so far, we will benefit from CSIRE as of July 2024.”

Access to CSIRE will be free of charge for all users. OIRE also plans to provide statistical data on the energy market processes supported by CSIRE.



PSE is a power transmission system operator (TSO) in Poland. PSE deals with the transmission of electricity to all regions of the country. The Company is responsible for the  power system balancing, and for the maintenance and development of the network infrastructure and cross-border connections. The Company also provides transmission capacities for the  purpose of cross-border exchange.

PSE is the owner of more than 15 000 kilometres of power lines and 109 power substations.