PSE has applied advanced tools for consultation of investment projects

30 April 2020, 11:52

PSE has applied advanced tools for consultation of investment projects
Investments of PSE in extra-high voltage networks must proceed despite the pandemic due to their significance to Poland’s energy security. With the highest safety standards implemented, work has been in progress on key projects. The challenge is to carry on the consultation and information process which traditionally takes place during face-to-face meetings. Therefore, in selected projects, PSE has been implementing pilot innovative solutions that facilitate communication with stakeholders. One of them is the geosurvey – an interactive application that allows stakeholders to familiarise with a proposed project location and to submit change proposals.

PSE’s infrastructure investments are necessary to ensure reliable electricity supply and secure operation of the Polish Power System. Therefore, they are continued even during the pandemic. The restrictions imposed make it impossible to arrange meetings with residents and local government authorities. For us, dialogue with them is a key part of each our project, and therefore we had to find a solution that would enable local communities to participate as fully as possible and in a transparent manner. Advanced technologies have proved to be of assistance, says Włodzimierz Mucha – Vice-President of the Management Board of PSE, head of the Central Investment Unit.

Geosurvey is a dedicated application running on a web browser, making it possible to track proposed line route options on a satellite map, check distances from a marked point to the line and its right-of-way, and to submit comments and opinions on the line routes. All proposals will be analysed by designers and, if possible, taken into account in preparing the final line route. Analysis results will be made available through the project website page.

Opinions and comments can already be submitted by residents of the communes between Wyszków and Ostrołęka, across which the 400 kV Ostrołęka-Stanisławów line will run. The geosurvey along with information materials on the project is available at

The tool is planned to be made available for other lines. For the time being, we treat geosurveys as a temporary solution, and if they meet with a good reception from residents, we’ll continue using it also after the pandemic is over, announces Vice-President Włodzimierz Mucha.