Announcement on the amendments to the Polish MNA Regulation

10 June 2021, 14:36

Announcement on the amendments to the Polish MNA Regulation
PSE informs that pursuant to Article of the Regulation implementing Conditions for cross-zonal capacity allocation and other necessary mechanisms to support operation of more than one NEMO in Poland (MNA Regulation), amends the MNA Regulation by:
  • revision of the main part of the MNA Regulation,
  • revision of the Appendix 2: “Single Day-Ahead Operational Procedures” and Appendix 5: “Rules for designating a NEMO coordinator” and
  • adoption of the new Appendix 7: “Change control procedure” and Appendix 8: “Shipping Configuration in the Polish bidding zone”.

This amendment is dedicated to the planned extension of the Single Market Coupling mechanism within the DE-AT-PL-4M Market Coupling Project (Interim MC). The Interim MC aims to connect the borders of 4M MC with the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) by introducing Net Transfer Capacity based (NTC-based) implicit capacity allocation on six borders, i.e.: PL-DE, PL-CZ, PL-SK, CZ-DE, CZ-AT, HU-AT.

MNA Regulation is a contractual framework, same for each NEMO, to implement MNA in Polish Bidding Zone and perform PSE’s and NEMOs’ responsibilities related to Single Day-Ahead Coupling and Single Intraday Coupling set forth in CACM Regulation. The MNA Regulation constitutes a part of all local arrangements necessary for MNA implementation and consists of:


* Appendices 2, 2a, 5, 7 and 8 are classified as confidential, and therefore there are not published on PSE website.