Polish TSO about European Energy Market Architecture

17 June 2019, 15:12

Polish TSO about European Energy Market Architecture
PSE, Polish Transmission System Operator and organized the debate „Transforming Europe’s Power System: How best to manage the system?”.

The debate took place in Brussels on the June 12, 2019. During the debate:

  • Pascale Fonck, Vice-Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E
  • Sebastian Gras, Policy Officer DG Energy, Unit B1 Internal Market I: Networks & Regional Initiatives, European Commission
  • Leszek Jesień, Director for International Cooperation, PSE

discussed how Europe’s power system can best be managed to create savings on electricity generation, decrease CO2 emissions, and benefit EU consumers. The starting point for the discussion was the nodal pricing approach, also called Locational Marginal Pricing, which will be implemented as a pilot in Poland by PSE.

The debate was moderated by Frédéric Simon, Senior Editor, Energy and Environment, EURACTIV.

Watch a short movie about the topic of the discussion at HERE.



The recording of the debate is available HERE.