PSE took part in the Baltic Sea Leaders meeting

11 December 2023, 15:58

PSE took part in the Baltic Sea Leaders meeting
Polish transmission system operator PSE took part in the Baltic Sea Leaders (BSL) meeting, which took place on December 8th in Stockholm. Participants discussed, among other issues, the adequacy situation in the region and grid development plans.

BSL meetings take place on a regular basis and supports cooperation between TSOs in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea region has an improved adequacy situation this winter compared to 2022-2023 with some local and limited risks of an electricity shortage. The Baltic Sea TSOs are committed to helping each other when needed.

The three Baltic States' electricity grid still operates synchronously with the Russian and Belarusian systems. The leaders of Baltic Sea Transmission System Operators jointly express their commitment to assist the Baltic States in this process to achieve, at the beginning of 2025, the synchronization of the Baltics' grid with the continental European network.

TSOs in the region have contributed to the first Offshore Network Development Plan (ONDP) for the Baltic Sea basin, which will be published in January 2024. The TSOs will continue to cooperate for the integration of offshore into planning processes.