International Cooperation

The main task of PSE's international cooperation is to maintain and strengthen relations with partners, mainly transmission system operators (TSOs) and nominated electricity market operators (NEMOs), at the pan-European, regional and bilateral levels.


Pan-European cooperation


PSE is a member of ENTSO-E – the European Association of Transmission System Operators – Electricity, whose mission includes supporting the safe operation of power systems, the optimal functioning and development of electricity markets, using energy from renewable sources and new technologies.

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Regional cooperation

TSC Regional Initiative

PSE is involved in the regional Transmission System Operators Security Cooperation (TSC) initiative, which brings together TSOs from Central Europe. TSC activities are aimed at improving the operational security of interconnected power systems in the Central European region, in particular methods of preventing congestion and applying countermeasures in a coordinated manner.



In order to improve the quality of inter-operator cooperation within the framework of the TSC initiative, TSCNET Services GmbH with its registered office in Munich (hereinafter referred to as TSCNET) was established to support the transmission system operators (TSOs) of the region in the operational planning processes and in the development and implementation of new regional processes to support TSOs. TSCNET is one of the Regional Coordination Centers (RCCs), which aims to provide services to TSOs from Central SOR (System Operation Region - synchronous system operation region of continental Europe, which covers two Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs): CCR Core and CCR Italy North).

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The borders of the Polish National Power System belong to three Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs): CCR Core, CCR Baltic and CCR Hansa. In the working structures of individual CCRs, TSO representatives, including PSE, carry out work leading to the implementation and management of market mechanisms. The design of market mechanisms within CCRs ensures efficient, free and safe cross-border trade in electricity. This work covers all time horizons of the electricity market and concerns, e. g. the coordinated process of capacity calculation, security analyses, including the allocation of the costs of remedial measures, and the implementation of the market coupling mechanism at the borders of the National Power System.

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Bilateral inter-operator cooperation

PSE maintains direct relations with similar companies acting as operators of neighbouring transmission systems with which the National Power System is connected, i.e. with 50Hertz in Germany, ČEPS in the Czech Republic, SEPS in Slovakia and UKRENERGO in Ukraine (synchronous operation), as well as with Svenska Kraftnät in Sweden and LITGRID in Lithuania (asynchronous operation, via direct current interface).

The main object of this cooperation is to maintain the safe operation of power systems. The principles of operational cooperation and the implementation of possible emergency deliveries are defined in dedicated bilateral agreements.