General information


According to the Act of May 20, 2021 amending the Energy Law Act and certain other acts (Dz. U. of 2021, item 1093), PSE was designated to act as the Energy Market Information Operator (OIRE).

The purpose of OIRE is to implement and manage the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE). CSIRE will collect and process data necessary for, among others, changing the electricity supplier or making settlements for electricity sale and supply. Thanks to the unification of information standards processed in CSIRE, processes on the retail electricity market in Poland will be significantly simplified and more efficient.


Key tasks of OIRE include:

  • management and administration of CSIRE;
  • supporting energy market processes;
  • processing (including collecting and exchanging) of electricity market information, including metering data;
  • development and updating of information exchange standards for CSIRE;
  • ensuring access to the collected information for eligible CSIRE users.


Assumed benefits of OIRE and CSIRE


For end users, including prosumers:

  • free-of-charge access to electricity market information, including metering data;
  • simplification and shortening the implementation time of energy market processes, among others, the change of supplier;
  • possibility to verify individual consumption and production of electricity;
  • possibility of optimizing the consumption of electricity and reducing the cost of its use based on reliable data;
  • possibility of sharing one's own electricity market information, including metering data, with chosen entities, e.g., in order to obtain better offers or services;
  • ensuring information security and protection of personal data in accordance with the requirements set out in the provisions of European Union law.


For energy market participants:

  • reducing the cost of the electricity market operation and lowering entry barriers by reducing the number of interfaces and creating a single point of access to energy market information;
  • effective and secure exchange of information on the retail energy market, enabling the fulfillment of statutory rights and obligations;
  • standardization of retail electricity market processes rules with clear division of responsibilities;
  • guarantee of data processing efficiency and sustainability of the CSIRE solution;
  • enabling the development of new services by offering easier access to energy market information, including measurement profiles of electricity consumption and generation
  • transparency of retail energy market processes supported by CSIRE;
  • the possibility of obtaining energy market information on potential customers (only with the customer's consent), e.g., for the purpose of preparing personalized offers.


For Polish Power System and Transmission System Operator/Distribution System Operators:

  • improving the efficiency of Polish Power System (PPS) resources use, among others through better matching of energy consumption to its generation, in particular from Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • integration of retail and system market processes using metering data available in CSIRE
  • improvement of the metering data quality by using unified standards and quality benchmarks
  • the possibility of using a unified standard of aggregated metering data to meet statutory obligations.

CSIRE will also provide access to selected aggregated data for the development of new services, conducting analytical and research works, and information studies.


Planned timeline for CSIRE implementation